Civilized Pigdom FAQ v2.0
Q: What is Civilized Pigdom?
A: It is this website,, maintained by Kenny Ketner; this community, in which all are welcome; this state of mind: discover it for yourself.
Q: What's the point?
A: The most important goal of Civilized Pigdom [CP] is to be an awesome online community. To this end, we have (or are in the process of adding) an active message board, rantspace, collaborative projects, galleries of art and music, archives of past discussions, photos and links. CP also presents the occasional humorous article, neat feature, and useful tool.
Q: Where did the name "Civilzied Pigdom" come from, anyway?
A: Way back in the 8th grade when BBSing was the way to be, there was an English assignment. You see, my school had a teacher with a healthy obsession for pigs which was so intense that she started what is now a national holiday (no joke): Pig Day. The assignment in question involved writing a story about pigs for pig day. My friend John W. wrote a rad story about a travelling circus pig and his master. The pig complains about how dirty he feels after being touched by filthy humans at the circus, the poor quality of dining on the road, artistic differences with the circus establishment, etc. The story's title? - Civilized Pigdom. I loved the story so much that I asked John for a copy and for his permission to use the title as the name of my short-lived local BBS. He agreed, and Civilized Pigdom was born, and now that the Internet has made BBSes obsolete, CP finds its new home on the web.
Q: What does Civilized Pigdom have to offer?
A: Community, discussion, support. Images, art, and music. Humor, rants, and good taste. Tools for you to use, and projects for you to get involved with. Explore it; chances are that something will hold your attention.
Q: Why aren't there any ads on CP?
A: The internet should not become a corporate playland. People - communities - got here first, not businesses. There are no ads on CP because there's no need for them. (Currently the message board shows ads because it's a prefab Bravenet forum, but this is temporary.)