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logo 63

We post till we are blue in the face (and in the Senate). Thanks again, Ian!

logo 63

This will help the FBI out a lot. Thanks, Ian!

logo 62

The punster in me approves, but the Furion in me... (ongir gets busy #8)

logo 61

Hang on Gromit, it's ongir gets busy #7!

logo 60

I'm lost. (ongir gets biz-ayyy #6)

logo 59

Ongir gets busy, world 5-1.

logo 58

This picture cannot reproduce. (ongir gets busy #4)

logo 57

I can't look away... (ongir gets busy #3)

logo 56

Well they are! (ongir gets busy #2)

logo 55

Ongir gets busy! Colbert truthiness ahoy!

logo 54

Rav attack #8!

logo 53

Rav attack #7!

logo 52

Rav attack #6!

logo 51

Rav attack #5! And no, that's not zapp in the picture.

logo 50

Rav attack #4!

logo 49

Rav attack #3!

logo 48

Rav attack #2!

logo 47

Rav attack #1!

logo 46

Another from ongir -- appropriate, since most people read the messageboard at work.

logo 45

ongir reads between the lines!

logo 44

Perky AND worksafe!

logo 43

That rascally (worksafe) rabbit is at it again...

logo 42

The worksafe regime will never end!

logo 41

Worksafe forever!

logo 40

It's work safe now. :D

logo 39

I can't say I like the nose job, but I like the fact that we finally got another forum pic (this one from Amber).

logo 38

A worksafe GWB. No clever message to express my hatred of the man.

logo 37

Goin' for that film reel effect. No idea on the source image for this one.

logo 36

GB Sr. and a tennis player makes... I dunno.

logo 35

Inspired by a SA Goon's forum avatar.

logo 34

It's Walken-a-riffic!

logo 33

Shrouded in Mr-E, Mr_Me brought us this thing when the jig was up.

logo 32

Courtesy Squarefool. This one got lost in the works for a while, but made a debut with the new forum!

logo 31

Another late-night "good idea." Pink is the happiest color!

logo 30

Thanks clipart - you make our lives easier!

logo 29

Nothing says "profundity" like Arnold. No, really.

logo 28

Cliched, overused, and left for many months as our forum pic. Alright!

logo 27

Another fine contribution (self-portrait?) from M.o.t.F. Wombat. It's murder-riffic!

logo 26

The Red Marina brings us the lovely Reyna, on loan from Space Cat Academy!

logo 25

Fratley's first finely formed forum photo! Fantastic!

logo 24

M.o.t.F. Wombat shows us that even a rat like me appreciates the approval of a dwarf.

logo 23

Here's a sexy (and very well-drawn) manga pig from Liz!

logo 22

A second from RastusHahl. Awesome in so many ways, but I don't understand it. Not one bit.

logo 21

A curious creation (or a typical evening, perhaps) from RastusHahl now graces our forum. Huzzah!

logo 20

SquareFool's endless appetite for cool-yet-confusing forum pics cooks up this... thingie.

logo 19

Our nation, still sweaty from a prolonged election, welcomes our new president, or whatever.

logo 18

A Flying Wombat Special served up courtesy of the Master himself. Filled with wombatty goodness.

logo 17

Shinaal brings the needed joy of enormous anime eyes to our forum with his manga-riffic submission!

logo 16

Freud was way off about what's on these men's minds. D and SM topped off a night of Thanksgiving love and taunting with this jolly pic.

logo 15

Another awesome (and totally puzzling in every way) forum pic from SquareFool! An orc maybe? Doo!

logo 14

With everyone sending in forum pics left and right, it was time for yours truly to get back into gear. Special thanks to Keenon for the diversity pamphlet which was the source of this strangeness.

logo 13

A BootNinja original, and his second entry. Thanks for the support!

logo 12

BootNinja's first entry into the CP cool prize contest is out of this world. Please don't kill me for writing the awful, awful captions that I write. Please.

logo 11

Hi-ho, Civilized Messages here... Another great celebrity endorsement courtesy of SqueegeeBob, making 6 entries in the CP cool prize contest so far!

logo 10

Anhkharu's original digital thumb and head make the fifth entry in the CP cool prize contest. It glows; we glow.

logo 9

Joe realized the desperate, immidiate need for Dr. Doom's presence on Civilized Messages, so he supplies us with this fourth entry in the CP cool prize contest.

logo 8

Shells provided this nice Beatles pic as the third entry in the CP cool prize contest. It makes us cooler.

logo 7

Cant Devron, a character conceived by SquareFool and M.o.t.F.Wombat for SquareFool's forthcoming game Dragon's Tear gives his thumbs up to Civilized Messages. This is the second entry in the CP cool prize contest.

logo 6

Derek says about his Speedball pic: "This is something I drew! Poop dog!" Derek's pic was the first submission in the open call for forum pics contest with cool prizes. Thanks, Derek!

logo 5

Despite his occasional lapse of good thought regarding the nature of the internet, our president shows his true colors by supporting breasts and civilized messages accross our great land.

logo 4

I was so happy when my hero Jackie Chan endorsed* my message board! I mean, he loved it!** Thanks for everything, Jackie - you made a difference in all of our lives! * Jackie does not endorse Civilized Pigdom in any way. ** Jackie did not love it. He would probably hate it.

logo 3

Buddha knows best - especially Buddha with a giant mutated Street-Fighter-2-lookin' hand! Posting = enlightenment? He probably thinks so.

logo 2

Thunderfoot the assassin celebrates the both the birth of the kung fu villains page and the continued success of our message board with an enthusiastic smile and thumbs up for us all!

logo 1

This is the one that started it all - a self-taken photo from my first winter in Chicago. The look on my face makes me think that I had cracked pretty early in retrospect, but at least I got the message board up despite the insanity. Thumbs up to all!


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