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00000501ZappRe: Look out! Here comes another one!
00000502ZappRe: this one's short, not very good, and you shouldn't read it
00000503SqueegeeBobRe: ?????
00000504SqueegeeBobRe: some words from the impotent rant deity
00000505ZappRe: I've finally done it.
00000506ZappRe: thought I'd post something
00000507redkatsRe: Re: ?????
00000508ZappOop! Sorry!
00000509Joseph VauxhalSo if this is to be our time...
00000510BlackHoleMasterRe: Re: Re: Another crap story
00000512BlackHoleMasterRe: Some thoughts
00000513BlackHoleMasterRe: Jack and Diane
00000514BlackHoleMasterRe: Re: I've finally done it.
00000516Derek the FanboyI will smile now.
00000517Derek the FanboyPosting on the page of Ketner
00000519ZappRe: Rant==Good;
00000520SquareFoolGod! Amazing!
00000521SquareFoolDerek's Dreadful Secret!
00000522SumFKnGUyRe: Posting on the page of Ketner
00000524SquareFoolLogic and the like
00000525SquareFoolHow observant....
00000526courtneyrandom updates
00000527Alphagold1tis this true?
00000529SqueegeeBobRe: Rant==Good;
00000531The Square FoolOnce Upon a Wish
00000532blue staron the subject of etiquette
00000533blue staryet another rant (sorry)
00000535SqueegeeBobRe: wishesEmail:
00000536SqueegeeBobmy page.
00000537redkatshugs for liz
00000538Black Hole MasterA-men
00000539Black Hole MasterSorry,
00000540Black Hole MasterHah
00000541Black Hole MasterYour page
00000542Black Hole MasterRe: Re: wishes
00000543keenon "somebody worship me" autrytime for the shotgun warrior....
00000544The Square Fool'The rest...'
00000545Derek the FanboyOn the subject of anonimity
00000546blue starsigh...
00000547blue starRe: God! Amazing!
00000548ShellsNo Subject
00000549redkatshugs for shells
00000550SqueegeeBobRe: hugs for liz
00000551Black Hole MasterRe: On the subject of anonimity
00000552keenon "somebody worship me" autryRe: Re: On the subject of anonimity
00000553Black Hole Mastersympathy rant
00000554AnhkharuI Hate Telemarketers so I am a self loather
00000555AnhkharuSpider Mattleusalem
00000556SqueegeeBobRe: Spider Mattleusalem
00000557The Square FoolWho needs my opinion?
00000558The Square FoolAbout multimedia and stuff
00000559AnonymousCan You Picture That?
00000560Black Hole MasterRe: Spider Mattleusalem
00000561Alphagold1computers?! buy!?
00000562SumFKnGUyRe: Spider Mattleusalem
00000563blue starRe: computers?! buy!?
00000564blue starhey you comic-lovin' big meanie!
00000565blue starRe: Spider Mattleusalem
00000566blue starPay attention to me!
00000567AnhkharuCheeky Monkey
00000568SqueegeeBobRe: Pay attention to me!
00000569SqueegeeBobcoming along nicely!
00000570ZappIgnore this.
00000571ZappIgnore this, part 2
00000572The Square FoolWe believe in you kenny.
00000573The Square FoolThose SGI thangs.
00000575LordDeathmongerRe: Re: thought I'd post something
00000576Black Hole MasterRe: Pay attention to me!
00000577Black Hole MasterRe: We believe in you kenny.
00000578nateRe: Ignore this, part 2
00000579blue stardon't look at my bum, you bum-looker!
00000580blue starRe: Those SGI thangs.
00000581SqueegeeBobHey Kenny!!
00000582redkatsRe: Hey Kenny!!
00000583SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Hey Kenny!!
00000584SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Re: Jack and Diane
00000586redkatsRe: Mothra!!!
00000587SumFKnGUyRe: Re: Mothra!!!
00000588redkatson showers and such
00000589keenon "somebody worship me" autryMOTHRA STILL SUCKS!
00000591nateWhat is this song?!!!
00000592Black Hole MasterRe: What is this song?!!!
00000593redkatsI FUCKING HATE MISSISSIPPI!!!!!
00000594blue starsending love :)
00000595HIgh King FanboyRe: Re: Re: Mothra!!!
00000596keenon "somebody worship me" autrycan I ask a simple question?
00000597High King FanboyMy future(?) in comics
00000598blue starRe: My future(?) in comics
00000599Black Hole MasterRe: My future(?) in comics
00000600Black Hole MasterNo Subject
00000601SumFKnGUyRe: can I ask a simple question?
00000603ZappGreetings from the Linux Lab!
00000604AnhkharuLinux Resolutions
00000605blue starqueen of misfortune
00000606keenon "somebody worship me" autryTEKKEN 3 RESOLUTIONS
00000607OOBarbaRoom for one more on this boat?
00000608Black Hole MasterAlways room for one more.
00000609blue starDenton is boring
00000610blue starRe: TEKKEN 3 RESOLUTIONS
00000611LordDeathmongerweb site
00000612redkatswow our lives suck.
00000613Black Hole MasterCan I jump on the Bandwagon?
00000614Joe "Cheap bastard with Paul" HallYou be dead!
00000615blue starRe: web site
00000616ZappRe: Can I jump on the Bandwagon?
00000617ZappRe: Room for one more on this boat?
00000618ZappRe: Re: web site
00000619ZappReaffirming my Tekken godhood
00000620ZappI am Liz's favorite person - I have proof
00000621keenon "somebody worship me" autryok, babe ruth. get ready to die.
00000623SquareFoolMy (few) comments...
00000624SquareFoolShowers, Rituals, and the meaning of Life
00000626Black Hole MasterRe: Re: web site
00000627Black Hole MasterRe: Re: Can I jump on the Bandwagon?
00000628keenon "somebody worship me" autryRe: Re: Re: Can I jump on the Bandwagon?
00000629blue starRe: Re: Room for one more on this boat?
00000630blue starhehehe!
00000631blue starmy suggestions
00000632SumFKnGUyRe: ok, babe ruth. get ready to die.
00000633NikoRe: Re: ok, babe ruth. get ready to die.
00000634SumFKnGUyRe: Re: Re: ok, babe ruth. get ready to die.
00000635keenon "somebody worship me" autryliz iz tha kewlest person on tha planet, yo
00000636ZappRe: Re: Re: Re: ok, babe ruth. get ready to die.
00000637althea?a timid hello
00000639High King FanboyOne more for the road
00000640Junaid KhanRandom comment....
00000641SumFKnGUyRe: Re: Re: Re: Re: ok, babe ruth. get ready to die.
00000642NikoRe: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ok, babe ruth. get ready to die.
00000643blue starsun AND rain!
00000644BlackHoleMasterRe: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ok, babe ruth. get ready to die.
00000645blue stargreat story!
00000646BlackHoleMasterRe: hehehe!
00000647BlackHoleMasterRe: a timid hello
00000648blue star(blushes and says "why, thank you!")
00000649AnhkharuThe Color Purple
00000650ZappNewest story thoughts
00000651redkatshi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
00000652Zappa timid reply
00000653redkatsmad, mad, mad, mad
00000654nateRe: Re: Random gibberish courtesy of me
00000655redkatswhy goldfish are yummy and other politically correct bedtime stories
00000658SumFKnGUyHey Nate...
00000659VauxhalDamn lab computers
00000660SumFKnGUyRe: Damn lab computers
00000662ZappPumpkins Concert
00000663ZappRe: Damn lab computers
00000664LordDeathmongerat work
00000665High King FanboyHELL YEAH!!!
00000666ShellsWho wants some Yum-Yums?
00000667AnonymousRe: Pumpkins Concert
00000668blue starI do! I do!
00000669nateI finally found out...
00000670blue starhahahahahaha!
00000671blue starI should have know that!
00000672Alphagold1Decisions, decisions....
00000673Black Hole MasterRe: Who wants some Yum-Yums?
00000674SumFKnGUyRe: Who wants some Yum-Yums?
00000676BlackHoleMasterRe: PATRICK!
00000677LordDeathmongerexes stink
00000678High King FanboyUm...hello
00000679blue starnice thoughts in your direction
00000680SumFKnGUyRe: Um...hello
00000681High King FanboyMy Spider sense is tingling!!!
00000682blue stardee dee dee dee...
00000683BlackHoleMasterRe: Re: Um...hello
00000684BlackHoleMasterRe: exes stink
00000685SumFKnGUyRe: dee dee dee dee...
00000686BlackHoleMasterRe: My Spider sense is tingling!!!
00000687OOBarbafeeling like shit, someone please cheer me up
00000688AnonymousRe: nice thoughts in your direction
00000689AnonymousRe: Re: My Spider sense is tingling!!!
00000690blue starhehehe!
00000691blue starRe: feeling like shit, someone please cheer me up
00000692blue staryay!
00000693Black Hole MasterYeehaw
00000694Black Hole MasterLiz's page
00000695AnhkharuLive Feed Update
00000696nateRe: Yeehaw
00000697nateblah blah blah yadda yadda
00000698keenon "somebody worship me" autryMY SLEDGEHAMMER'S NAME IS REDRUM!
00000700SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Yeehaw
00000702ZappRe: Live Feed Update
00000703ZappRe: blah blah blah yadda yadda
00000704ZappRe: TORTURE!
00000705Zapp"Thoughts" for today.
00000709Black Hole MasterRe: Re: Yeehaw
00000710Black Hole MasterRe: komrades...err...allies
00000711nateRe: Re: komrades...err...allies
00000713SumFKnGUyMy Humble apologies
00000714keenon "somebody worship me" autrythe moby/b-word show, from a militant half-black man's perspective
00000715Derek the Fanboythe moby/b-word show, from a casual listener Fanboy perspective
00000716Derek the FanboyYour humble apologies
00000717Black Hole MasterRe: Your humble apologies
00000718keenon "somebody worship me" autryNo Subject
00000720redkatsmore ramblings
00000721Black Hole MasterRe: No Subject
00000722Anonymousget over it
00000723ZappHappy Easter
00000724keenon "somebody worship me" autryI digress.... I spoke too soon
00000725redkatswow... look at that...
00000726blue starRe: wow... look at that...
00000727Black Hole MasterRe: The Moby/B-word show, from a screaming teeny-bopper perspective
00000728Black Hole Masterhmmm.... I wonder which message to reply to?
00000729SumFKnGUyRe: No subject
00000730ShellsHoney Combs, Honours College, and Happy Easters
00000731Spider MattusalemPC load letter, what the fuck is that?
00000732Black Hole MasterRe: Honey Combs, Honours College, and Happy Easters
00000733Black Hole MasterRe: PC load letter, what the fuck is that?
00000734nateRe: Honey Combs, Honours College, and Happy Easters
00000735Alphagold1The Engineer's drinking song (Warning Crude!)
00000736SumFKnGUyDear God thats long
00000737SumFKnGUyOffice Space?
00000738Alphagold1Sorry, forgot some verses....
00000739redkatsa little story for you from me
00000740High King FanboyDamn, Dude
00000741HIgh King FanboyHow many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a Toostie Pop?
00000742Megan-chanOther people's views on the show...
00000743Black Hole MasterThank God!!!!
00000744Spider MattusalemRe: Hello AllEmail:
00000745SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Hello AllEmail:
00000746SqueegeeBobRe: a little story for you from me
00000747SqueegeeBobRe: Hello All
00000748SqueegeeBobRe: I wonder...
00000749SqueegeeBobMy most humble oppologies....
00000750Black Hole MasterMusic
00000751redkatshi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
00000752blue starmy so-called life
00000753SqueegeeBobRe: my so-called life
00000754Megan-chanRe: my so-called life
00000755High King FanboyYep. Me.
00000756blue starRe: Re: my so-called life
00000757Bridgett BaharlooRe: welcome!
00000758Bridgett BaharlooHI EVERYONE
00000759blue starhello
00000760Black Hole MasterRe: hello
00000761ShellsTotise Roll Pops...
00000762nateRe: hello
00000763Black Hole MasterRe: Re: Re: my so-called life
00000764Black Hole MasterMy page
00000765SumFKnGUyYour kidding
00000766SumFKnGUyRe: HI EVERYONE
00000767keenon "somebody worship me" autryI may LOOK 14....
00000768High King FanboyThe Bad Touch
00000769High King FanboyUm...
00000770Spider MattusalemRe: HI EVERYONE
00000771blue starnuh uh!!!!
00000772blue starRe: My page
00000773SqueegeeBobRe: My page
00000774SqueegeeBobRe: Re: HI EVERYONE
00000775SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Re: my so-called life
00000776SqueegeeBobRe: Yep. Me.
00000777SqueegeeBobRe: more ramblings
00000778Megan-chanRe: nuh uh!!!!
00000779blue starwhere's Ketner?
00000780Black Hole MasterRe: Re: Re: HI EVERYONE
00000781Black Hole MasterRe: Re: My page
00000782Black Hole MasterRe: Re: My page
00000783Black Hole MasterRe: where's Ketner?
00000784SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Re: My page
00000785SqueegeeBobRe: Re: where's Ketner?
00000786Spider MattusalemYou think 4 year like U of C is tough try cramming it into half the time
00000787Spider MattusalemI know I've said it before but I have found another reason to hate it here
00000788nateRe: Um...
00000789nateRe: Re: Re: where's Ketner?
00000790keenon "somebody worship me" autryWHERE OH WHERE HAS MY SLEDGEHAMMER GONE?
00000791Alphagold1For those who care....
00000792keenon "somebody worship me" autryyo chiggidycheck this out
00000793High King FanboyWe're rooting for ya, man.
00000794High King FanboyDIZAMN!!!
00000795High King FanboyCaptain Fanboy...
00000796SqueegeeBobRe: DIZAMN!!!
00000797SqueegeeBobRe: Captain Fanboy...
00000798Black Hole MasterRe: You think 4 year like U of C is tough try cramming it into half the time
00000799Black Hole MasterRe: Re: Re: where's Ketner?
00000801Black Hole MasterRe: hehe
00000802blue starbing!
00000803blue staraustin TX
00000804Megan-chanRe: Re: DIZAMN!!!
00000805Black Hole MasterRe: bing!
00000806Zappnewpost = Kenny.post.belligerent();
00000807ZappRe: newpost += Kenny.calm(down);
00000808Black Hole MasterRe: Re: newpost == apology.mine(board)
00000809ZappRe: Re: Re: newpost == apology.mine(board)
00000810ShellsRE: Johnjohn.... wow, he hates it when I call him that *giggle*
00000811ZappRe: DIZAMN!!!
00000812natebelligerence and bovines
00000813ZappRe: yo chiggidycheck this out
00000814ZappRe: belligerence and bovines
00000815Zapp...right...over...THERE!!! (runrunrunrun)
00000816nateRe: Re: belligerence and bovines (explanation)
00000817ZappRe: Re: Re: My page
00000818Black Hole MasterRe: Re: yo chiggidycheck this out
00000819keenon "where's my gun" autrySTUPID WAS THE FUCKING POINT
00000820keenon "somebody worship me" autryoops I forgot
00000822SumFKnGUyRe: oops I forgot
00000823babyfrogRe: The Bad Touch
00000824redkatsRe: Roleplaying
00000825Spider MattusalemFrom the Veteran RPGer himself
00000826SqueegeeBobRe: newpost = Kenny.post.belligerent();
00000827SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Re: Re: newpost == apology.mine(board)
00000828SqueegeeBobRe: RE: Johnjohn.... wow, he hates it when I call him that *giggle*
00000829SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Re: newpost == apology.mine(board)
00000830Black Hole MasterRe: Mack...
00000831Black Hole MasterRe: Re: The Bad Touch
00000832High KIng FanboyThanks.
00000833redkatsAttn: squeegeebob!!!
00000834High King FanboyRPGs, Fanboys, Magic, & Monkeybread
00000835Black Hole MasterRe: Roleplaying : My experience
00000836redkatsRe: Captain Fanboy...
00000837High King FanboyEase up a little
00000838redkatsi didn't mean to be harsh.
00000839SqueegeeBobRe: RPGs, Fanboys, Magic, & Monkeybread
00000840SqueegeeBobRe: i didn't mean to be harsh.
00000841SqueegeeBobRe: Re: RPGs, Fanboys, Magic, & Monkeybread
00000842SqueegeeBobRe: newpost = Kenny.post.belligerent();
00000843Black Hole MasterRe: Re: newpost = Kenny.post.belligerent();
00000844Black Hole MasterRe: RPGs, Fanboys, Magic, & Monkeybread
00000846Black Hole MasterRe: Prayer
00000848ZappThose fuckheads!
00000849ZappRe: RPGs, Fanboys, Magic, & Monkeybread
00000850ZappRe: For those who care....
00000851redkatsmemories of a thunderstorm
00000855High King FanboyI really, really want to DM
00000856High King FanboyThe Deity Shuffle
00000857redkatsthank you
00000858Black Hole MasterRe: memories of a thunderstorm
00000859Black Hole MasterRe: *sigh*
00000860Spider MattusalemSchool and Prayer hmm No
00000861keenon "somebody worship me" autryRe: School and Prayer hmm No
00000862keenon "somebody worship me" autrya free reply, and SO MUCH MORE (includes a concert mini-report)
00000863keenon "somebody worship me" autrya correction because I'm a fucking moron. don't archive this either please.
00000864Black Hole MasterWorking
00000866SqueegeeBobRe: today
00000868Ian "The Great One" Barbahello Mr. Sparkle!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00000869SqueegeeBobRe: hello Mr. Sparkle!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00000870natemovin' oh yeah
00000871JRe: today
00000872Black Hole MasterAlgebra???
00000873keenon "somebody worship me" autryRe: Algebra???
00000874blue starRe: Algebra???
00000876ZappI greet you.
00000877SumFknGuyRe: I greet you.
00000878BlackHoleMasterRe: I greet you.
00000879High King FanboySigh....
00000880Timmy the Boy WonderGet me away I'm dying
00000881ShellsRe: I greet you.
00000882ZappHella Heller Heli HOO-wah!
00000883ZappSpeedball pic
00000884ZappRe: Re: I greet you.
00000885ZappRe: Re: I greet you.
00000886ZappYou're funny because you're true
00000887blue starfeeling bad about not feeling bad
00000888redkatshello... i must be going.
00000889Spider MattusalemEnter the Spider
00000890SqueegeeBobRe: feeling bad about not feeling bad
00000891LordDeathmongerguess I'm lame
00000892keenon "somebody worship me" autryconsider the following
00000893BlackHoleMasterRe: guess I'm lame
00000894High King Fanboysell out...with me oh yeah...
00000895blue starRe: consider the following
00000896blue starcreative unemployed bum
00000897keenon "somebody worship me" autrya profuse apology
00000898High King FanboyNo Problem
00000899ZappHappy Fun Morning Post
00000900SqueegeeBobRe: Happy Fun Morning Post
00000901blue starfrisbey
00000903SqueegeeBobRe: frisbey
00000904Megan-chanBeating the dead horse known as "roleplaying"
00000905ZappRe: Beating the dead horse known as "roleplaying"
00000906ZappThe weekend report
00000907Megan-chanRe: Re: Beating the dead horse known as "roleplaying"
00000908Megan-chanRe: The weekend report
00000909ZappRe: Re: The weekend report
00000910ZappRe: Re: Re: Beating the dead horse known as "roleplaying"
00000911Megan-chanRe: Re: Re: Re: Beating the dead horse known as "roleplaying"
00000913SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Re: Re: Re: Beating the dead horse known as "roleplaying"
00000914SqueegeeBobRe: Beating the dead horse known as "roleplaying"
00000915blue starmy weekend
00000916BlackHoleMasterRe: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Beating the dead horse known as "roleplaying"
00000917BlackHoleMasterRe: ARCHERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00000918natereturn of the imp's ire
00000919Spider MattusalemFive Short Weeks People
00000920ShellsRe: Five Short Weeks People
00000921ZappRe: Re: Five Short Weeks People
00000922ZappRe: return of the imp's ire
00000923ZappRe: Five Short Weeks People
00000924SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Re: Five Short Weeks People
00000925BlackHoleMasterRe: return of the imp's ire
00000926blue starrollin' with ma homies
00000928SqueegeeBobRe: rollin' with ma homies
00000929SqueegeeBobRe: WOWZERS!
00000930Megan-chanWork- it sucks.
00000931SqueegeeBobRe: Work- it sucks.
00000932keenon "somebody worship me" autryI address my would-be congregation! SLACK IS GOOD! WORSHIP SLACK.....and me
00000933Alphagold1I warn you now....
00000934High King FanboyThe Dee-mobile is dead.
00000935Spider MattusalemRe: I warn you now....
00000936Spider MattusalemRe: Re: WOWZERS!
00000937BlackHoleMasterRe: Re: Work- it sucks.
00000939keenon "somebody worship me" autryRe: Re: Re: Work- it sucks.
00000940SqueegeeBobRe: Saturday
00000942Black Hole MasterRe: Re: Saturday
00000943Black Hole MasterRe: semi-rant
00000944High King FanboyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00000945high King FanboyX-MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00000946blue starcheese kicks ass!
00000947BlackHoleMasterHey Fanboy!
00000948SqueegeeBobYou won't believe this....
00000949keenon "somebody worship me" autryRe: You won't believe this....
00000950keenon "somebody worship me" autryRe: You won't believe this....
00000952SumFknGuyRe: You won't believe this....
00000953HIgh King FanboyWhoops
00000954BlackHoleMasterRe: Whoops
00000955keenon "somebody worship me" autrymusings of a god without a congregation...
00000956ZappQuite defatigable.
00000957High King Fanboygaming stuff
00000958High King FanboyWhoa.
00000959BlackHoleMasterRe: Quite defatigable.
00000961BlackHoleMasterRe: Hoo-ah
00000962High King FanboyA couple of notes
00000963BlackHoleMasterRe: A couple of notes
00000964SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Hoo-ah
00000965SqueegeeBobHere Goes...
00000966nateRe: Hoo-ah (and attn: RPGers)
00000967blue starnothing, really
00000968keenon "somebody worship me" autryok here's my unwanted, unloved two cents. attack them at your leisure....
00000969SqueegeeBobRe: RPGin' with the homies
00000970Little boywhats the plan for the summer?
00000971SqueegeeBobwasn't little boy the name of a nuke?
00000972BlackHoleMasterRe: powers
00000973BlackHoleMasterNo, I think it was something else. similar but not quite
00000974AnonymousRe: Re: powers
00000975Ian "Your New General" BarbaTime to go on a McCormick hunt. Who is with me?
00000976Spider MattusalemChu Chu Disease
00000977Joseph VauxhalNo, it was a nuke. Fat Man and Little Boy. (NT)
00000978SqueegeeBobI'm with you!!!
00000979SumFknGuyOh i see how it is
00000980BlackHoleMasterI stand corrected...NT)
00000981BlackHoleMasterME TOO!!!
00000982BlackHoleMasterRe: Chu Chu Disease
00000983Ian "Your New General" BarbaExcellent (said while touching fingertips, Burnsian fashion)
00000984HIgh King FanboyOnslaught
00000986keenon "somebody worship me" autrydon't break out the aneurysm shoes just yet...
00000987keenon "somebody worship me" autrybabies come from the bottom of cracker jack boxes, asshead!
00000988High King Fanboyshitty comic creators
00000989High King FanboyYeah. It's also the title of a movie about nukes.
00000990Chopstick ApprenticeNow you've got a McCormick on your side...Mwa ha ha ha!
00000991Captain McNeelyHunt for the Great Square Fool
00000992LordDeathmongerWork Really sucks on sunday morning
00000993Jospeh VauxhalPc is good. Console is better!
00000994BlackHoleMasterDefinitely Console
00000995SqueegeeBobthat's a tough one...
00000996ZappConsole is good, but PC IS DA WINNAH!!
00000997keenon "somebody worship me" autrya question for allayouse in-town peoples
00000998ZappEnough about you, let's talk about me.
00000999high king fanboypoopdog!
00001000high king fanboyconsole = fuck yeah!