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00001001SqueegeeBobthought I should point this out...
00001002Spider MattusalemMona Lisa Overdriven
00001003HIgh King FanboyNew X-Note
00001004keenon "somebody worship me" autryRe: poopdog!
00001005Joseph VauxhalGood post, but it is flawed.
00001006ShellsNo Subject
00001007ZappRe: thought I should point this out...
00001008ZappGood reply, but it is flawed.
00001009ZappNo Subject
00001010ZappRe: Mona Lisa Overdriven
00001011Shinaalyou free July?
00001012SqueegeeBobYes. I believe I am.
00001013SqueegeeBobThat's it!!!
00001014ZappRe: you free July?
00001015SqueegeebobAnd another thing...
00001016BlackHoleMasterRe: you free July?
00001019SumFknGuyRe: That's it!!!
00001020Gamer-R-meAlrighty then
00001021Spider MattusalemRe: you free July?
00001022Shinaalwhich is better?
00001023high king fanboyComic readin'
00001024Alphagold1A small challenge...
00001025ZappRe: A small challenge...
00001026Zappcomics, yo
00001027ZappRe: which is better?
00001028BlackHoleMasterRe: Alrighty then
00001029BlackHoleMasterRe: Re: which is better?
00001030kate the curseda post for the sake of posting
00001031blue starRe: Definitely Console
00001032blue starRe: Re: which is better?
00001033ZappRe: And another thing...
00001034SqueegeeBobRe: Re: which is better?
00001035Shinaalit looks like.....
00001037Spider MattusalemRe: A small challenge...
00001038Joseph Vauxhalsteal this post
00001039BlackHoleMasterRe: Re: Re: which is better?
00001040BlackHoleMasterRe: it looks like.....
00001041BlackHoleMasterWhat other purpose is there for a post???
00001042SumFknGuyRe: it looks like.....
00001043Gamer-R-meRe: it looks like.....
00001044LordDeathmongerRe: Re: Alrighty then
00001045LordDeathmongerRe: picturesEmail:
00001046LordDeathmongerRe: steal this post
00001047keenon "somebody worship me" autryI wonder how long it would take to download porn then....
00001048keenon "somebody worship me" autryWE EAT COWS BECAUSE HUMANS ARE STUPID BARBARIANS....
00001049SqueegeeBobmy humble offering.
00001050SumFknGuyRe: Re: Re: Alrighty then
00001053The Disappointed Guy in the CornerFUCK ABC
00001054SqueegeeBobin response...
00001055ZappReturned, announcements, chatter
00001056BlackHoleMasterYe Multitudes Rejoice!!!
00001057BlackHoleMasterRe: also...
00001058RastusHahlWelcome back
00001061blue starhello?
00001062Shinaalok... sorry but I'll keep trying till it works
00001063Spider MattusalemThere better be someone there
00001064keenon "somebody worship me" autrywomen make me fucking ill.
00001065SumFknGuyRe: women make me fucking ill.
00001067BlackHoleMasterRight On!!!
00001069High King FanboyYou're not a spider!
00001070SqueegeeBobRe: women make me fucking ill.
00001071keenon "somebody worship me" autryRe: Re: women make me fucking ill.
00001072blue starThat's not fair
00001073keenon "somebody worship me" autryhey if anybody knows where this stuff is..
00001074Ian "I know better than you do" B.you have it all wrong
00001075SumFknGuyRe: hey if anybody knows where this stuff is..
00001076BlackHoleMasterRe: You're not a spider!
00001077BlackHoleMasterI'm afraid you can't join this pity party
00001078keenon "somebody worship me" autryRe: I'm afraid you can't join this pity party
00001079high king fanboyAnd I'm so confused, about what to do...
00001080LordDeathmongerRe: women make me fucking ill.
00001081ZappFeel my information
00001082SumFknGuyRe: Feel my information
00001083high king fanboymonkeys
00001084BlackHoleMasterKinda ironic
00001085SqueegeeBobYou have no idea...
00001086BlackHoleMasterYou Mean There's a Proper Way To Give A Hug?!?!?!?
00001087ZappRe: monkeys
00001088SqueegeeBoballow me to explain
00001089SqueegeeBobRe: Re: monkeys
00001090high king fanboyRe: Re: Re: monkeys
00001092BlackHoleMasterallow me to offer assistance
00001093high king fanboySilent Maaaaaaaaat...where aaaaaarre youuuuuuuuu
00001094SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Re: Re: monkeys
00001095blue star*snicker!*
00001096V. V. ReinhartThe Tiger Roareth
00001097BlackHoleMasterRe: Silent Maaaaaaaaat...where aaaaaarre youuuuuuuuu
00001099BlackHoleMasterRe: crazy
00001100high king fanboyah, Vegas...
00001101ZappWeekend Info, Announcements
00001102blue starRe: Weekend Info, Announcements
00001103natea shameless plug
00001104ShinaalI warn
00001106Spider MattusalemRe: posts
00001108blue starNo Subject
00001109AmaruAustin thing
00001110Zappgoing, meet
00001111ZappRe: I warn
00001112blue starokay then...
00001113SqueegeeBobRe: okay then...
00001114SqueegeeBobRe: No Subject
00001116AmaruRe: okay then...
00001117Amarumy brother
00001118Amarumy brother
00001119BlackHoleMasterRe: Re: posts
00001120keenon "somebody worship me" autryRe: my brother
00001121AmaruRe: Re: my brother
00001122BlackHoleMasterWhere is The Silent One!
00001123keenon "somebody worship me" autryhe left for nome fucking alaska. yesterday
00001124SquareFoolHa-ha, neener neener!
00001125BlackHoleMasterRe: Ha-ha, neener neener!
00001126BlackHoleMasterRe: he left for nome fucking alaska. yesterday
00001127keenon "nagasaki jones" autryI have discovered the secrets! come and see! kids get in for free!!!
00001128SqueegeeBobI still don't believe it...
00001129SquareFoolWhat, no posts?
00001130keenon "Dr. Teeth" autryyou SHOULD believe it
00001131blue staryay!!!!
00001132nate and the electric mayhemAh yes, freshmen orientation...
00001133Black Hole MasterYes, I have
00001134Black Hole MasterRe: What, no posts?
00001135ZappWhat, me worry?
00001136SquareFoolRe: What, me worry?
00001137blue star*sniff*
00001138LordDeathmongerRe: I have discovered the secrets! come and see! kids get in for free!!!
00001139keenon "Dr. Teeth" autryno, no, no! I shall name it a hawking-temple
00001140Spider MattusalemComicly funny or Hilariously Comic
00001141AmaruI finally did it
00001142ZappInitial Approval
00001143blue starRe: Initial Approval
00001144AmaruRe: Initial Approval
00001145Master of the Flying WombatMy brain needs a reboot.
00001146Master of the Flying WombatRe: Re: What, me worry?
00001147Ian aka The Retired Generalthings are finally back on track
00001148Black Hole MasterRe: things are finally back on track
00001149IanRe: Re: things are finally back on track
00001150Black Hole MasterRe: Re: Re: things are finally back on track
00001151keenon "Dr. Teeth" autryRe: Re: Re: things are finally back on track
00001152LordDeathmongerNo Subject
00001153The Square FoolUpdate Notice
00001154ZappEvaluation Notice
00001155Black Hole MasterRe: Update Notice
00001156high king fanboyThe Fanboy Perspective: 'X-Men'
00001157AmaruUpdate Notice;PLIL
00001158SquareFoolWhat, me update?
00001159keenon "Dr. Teeth" autryOK! FINE! TWIST MY GODDAMNED ARM
00001160Master of the Flying WombatRe: The Fanboy Perspective: 'X-Men'
00001161keenon "Mr. Get-it-on Jones" autrymore funny shit, from me to you
00001162ZappRe: The Fanboy Perspective: 'X-Men'
00001163Black Hole MasterRe: The Fanboy Perspective: 'X-Men'
00001164Joseph Vauxhalis to read is to think is to die is to be
00001165keenon "Mr. Get-it-on Jones" autryRe: Re: The Fanboy Perspective: 'X-Men'
00001166SquareFoolRants & Raves
00001167ZappRe: more funny shit, from me to you
00001168ZappRe: is to read is to think is to die is to be
00001169Chim-chim ToiletheadNEW NAMES KIDDIES!
00001170Joseph VauxhalWhat happens when a scientist hits his head on the curb?
00001171SquareFoolHe gets shot by the guy around the corner with a Steyr TMP
00001172SumFknGuyOff SubJect, john please read
00001173SquareFoolYet more off-subject cs stuff
00001175IanRe: Hm...
00001176IanRe: Re: Hm...
00001177ZappRe: What happens when a scientist hits his head on the curb?
00001178ZappLet's go, team!
00001179SquareFoolwork + new test pass = no AIM [nt]
00001180keenon "Mr. Get-it-on Jones" autryhow about a chasey lain picture?
00001181Master of the Flying WombatRe: Re: The Fanboy Perspective: 'X-Men'
00001182Black Hole MasterRe: Re: Re: The Fanboy Perspective: 'X-Men'
00001183Black Hole MasterOr what about the dobbshead?
00001184Joseph Vauxhalzots zots zots zots zors zots zots
00001185Joseph VauxhalI'm a hacker now!
00001186blue stari feel violated...
00001187ZappRe: zots zots zots zots zors zots zots
00001188HIgh King FanboyJust so you all know....
00001189The Square FoolYou're ... I think... maybe... yeah.
00001190Black Hole MasterRe: You're ... I think... maybe... yeah.
00001192Black Hole MasterRe: Grr!
00001193SqueegeeBoboh man...
00001194SquareFoolContinuing what may eventually be the longest thread in CM History!
00001195SqueegeeBobOoo Ooo I KNOW!
00001196keenon "Mr. Get-it-on Jones" autryok the first words that come to mind are "fucking" and "retarded".
00001197blue starfun thing to do on a sunday afternoon
00001198ZappRe: Ooo Ooo I KNOW!
00001199SqueegeeBobRe: Re: The Fanboy Perspective: 'X-Men'
00001200SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Ooo Ooo I KNOW!
00001202ZappRe: Re: Re: Ooo Ooo I KNOW!
00001203ZappSettin' the record straight: Definitions
00001205ZappRe: Sweeeeeet!
00001206IanRe: oh man...
00001207SumFknGuyRe: Sweeeeeet!
00001208Jospeh Vauxhali updated. do not respond to this.
00001209Black Hole Masteryou asked for it
00001210Black Hole MasterRe: Continuing what may eventually be the longest thread in CM History!
00001211Black Hole MasterRe: you asked for it
00001212Black Hole MasterRe: Re: Re: The Fanboy Perspective: 'X-Men'
00001213SqueegeeBobmake that level 99...
00001214blue starRe: Re: Sweeeeeet!
00001215keenon "the spork assassin" autrystand still. I'm going to hit you with a giant fucking hammer
00001216keenon "the spork assassin" autrystand still. I'm going to hit you with a giant fucking hammer
00001217Spider MattusalemI still live
00001218SquareFoolMy apologies
00001219SquareFoolWe'll see...
00001220blue starmy car smells bad
00001221Black Hole MasterRe: I still live
00001222ZappRelativism as a mask for ignorance
00001223ZappSmall news
00001224SquareFoolA bad analogy for good/evil... woohoo?
00001225SquareFoolWord Definitions
00001226blue starRe: Small news
00001227Jospeh VauxhalYou pompous ASS
00001229ZappRe: A bad analogy for good/evil... woohoo?
00001230ZappMore on words and language
00001231Zappan ass by any other name...
00001232Joseph VauxhalThis is getting better now...
00001233blue starRe: Tsk.
00001234blue starRe: This is getting better now...
00001235SqueegeeBobOh my god...
00001236SqueegeeBobRe: Relativism as a mask for ignorance
00001237Master of the Flying WombatWebpage up!!!!!!!!!
00001238Black Hole MasterRe: an ass by any other name...
00001239Black Hole MasterRe: Re: Tsk.
00001240blue starRe: Oh my god...
00001241SumFknGuyRe: Oh my god...
00001242SumFknGuy*DING DING*
00001244HIgh King FanboyFor what it's worth, i agree.
00001245HIgh King FanboyPatrick, m' boy...
00001246ZappRe: Webpage up!!!!!!!!!
00001247ZappMore on rants? Yay?
00001248ZappI hear a squeak...
00001249ZappClearing up absolutes, section one
00001250ZappClearing up absolutes, section two
00001251ZappMore on good/evil, free will
00001252ZappMy decision, announcements
00001253High King FanboyYou are full of shit, Ketner.
00001254Jospeh VauxhalI'll go to college and I'll learn some big words...
00001255Zvaldos VauxhalAnd another thing...
00001257Zvaldos Vauxhal*sigh*...
00001258Black Hole MasterRe: My decision, announcements
00001259blue starokay, then...
00001260ZappStarting a new thread: inspiration/control
00001261Zvaldos VauxhalWhat is it?
00001262ZappWrong control
00001263IanI did it!
00001264blue starRe: Wrong control
00001265keenon "the spork assassin" autrybla bla bla and my butt says it so it must be so!
00001266Zvaldos VauxhalIs this Machiavelli?
00001267Zvaldos VauxhalIs this Machiavelli?
00001268SqueegeeBobRe: Starting a new thread: inspiration/control
00001269HIgh King FanboyDamn.
00001270ZappMorning appreciation: a reminder
00001271blue starRe: Wrong control
00001272blue starcount me in
00001273Master of The Flying WombatRe: Re: Webpage up!!!!!!!!!
00001274SqueegeeBobRe: Morning appreciation: a reminder
00001275ZappMcCormick Alert
00001276SqueegeeBobRe: McCormick Alert
00001277blue starsomeone seems to have a problem....
00001278Black Hole MasterFriendly Inquiry
00001279Black Hole MasterRe: someone seems to have a problem....
00001280SumFknGuy-NT- Not friggin suprised Joe
00001281redkatsawww... man...
00001282redkats-NT- is somebody bitter?
00001283High King Fanboybarbeque sounds good.
00001284blue starBBQ?
00001285Black Hole MasterRe: BBQ?
00001286blue starRe: Re: BBQ?
00001287SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Re: BBQ?
00001288SqueegeeBobYOU'R ALL TOO LATE!!! MWAHAHAHAHA...
00001289ZappRe: Re: Re: Re: BBQ?
00001290blue starthat is fucking sick!
00001291blue stareep!
00001292Leslie RobinsonRe: Re: Re: BBQ?
00001293blue starkenny?
00001294Zappesta bien
00001295ZappMorning appreciation, announcements, etc.
00001296blue starcook out!
00001297SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Re: Re: Re: BBQ?
00001298Spider MattusalemSearching for body parts
00001299blue starwhat?!
00001300Black Hole MasterRe: what?!
00001301ZappMordheim tonight
00001302Spider MattusalemCat Scans
00001303Ianerr, what?
00001304blue starRe: Re: what?!
00001305SqueegeeBobRe: err, what?
00001306AnonymousHEY KENNY!!!
00001307AnonymousREAD THIS KENNY
00001308LordDeathmongerRe: Re: err, what?
00001309LordDeathmongerRe: Cat Scans
00001310AnonymousI didn't feel angry or depressed...I didn't feel anything at all...
00001311Joseph VauxhalDamn.
00001312AnonymousRe: Re: Re: err, what?
00001313IanMarvel v. Capcom 2, must have!!!!!
00001314keenon "disciple of akuma" autryRe: Marvel v. Capcom 2, must have!!!!!
00001315IanRe: Re: Marvel v. Capcom 2, must have!!!!!
00001316Master of the Flying WombatRe: I didn't feel angry or depressed...I didn't feel anything at all...
00001317ZappMvC2: taco meat or funfun?
00001318ShinaalI honestly prefer Tekken series
00001319ZappAnnouncements, bathroom tile
00001320ZappRe: I honestly prefer Tekken series
00001321IanRe: MvC2: taco meat or funfun?
00001322IanRe: Re: I honestly prefer Tekken series
00001323keenon "the spork assassin" autryhow about "team redundant"?
00001324Zvaldos VauxhalThis is why you need me.
00001325IanRe: how about "team redundant"?
00001326blue starMvC2 sucks!!!
00001327ZappAnother Austin trip?
00001328blackholemasterRe: MvC2 sucks!!!
00001329blackholemasterRe: MvC2 sucks!!!
00001330blackholemasterRe: Another Austin trip?
00001331blue starWEEZER!!!!!
00001332IanI'm gonna take you for a ride, bwa ha ha
00001334AmaruRe: Sooooo.....
00001335That writer guyHere's the rest of it.
00001336That writer guy in the cornerHere's the rest of it.
00001337The same guyOOPS.
00001338kate the cursedon the rest
00001339blackholemasterRe: Here's the rest of it.
00001340Master of the Flying WombatDid you just hear someone leaping?
00001341keenon "FUCK THE POLICE" autryjust leapt into a blender...
00001342Zapp...or my name isn't TENDO NO KENTERMINATOR!!
00001343ZappAnnouncements, finger foods
00001344Zapp...and the bitter evaluation...
00001345Ianfix your forum John!!!
00001346Ianwhat the hell happened?
00001347Error Corection OrganizationKenny Screwed up again
00001348blue starRe: what the hell happened?
00001349ZappOops! Did I err?
00001350Zvaldos VauxhalYup.
00001351Master of the Flying WombatYou thought the wombats were sedated?
00001352IanI'll just stay awake and watch my countdown clock reach 0!
00001353blue starRe: I'll just stay awake and watch my countdown clock reach 0!
00001354SqueegeeBobRe: I'll just stay awake and watch my countdown clock reach 0!
00001355IanRe: Re: I'll just stay awake and watch my countdown clock reach 0!
00001356blue starRe: Re: Re: I'll just stay awake and watch my countdown clock reach 0!
00001357IanRe: Re: Re: Re: I'll just stay awake and watch my countdown clock reach 0!
00001358SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Re: Re: Re: I'll just stay awake and watch my countdown clock reach 0!
00001359blue starwhere did my creativity go?!?
00001360IanYou can be second hand creative!
00001361Master of the Flying WombatDragon's Tear, eh? Heh heh heh
00001362High King FanboyI TOLD you I'd heard a Weezer cover somewhere...
00001363blue starRe: I TOLD you I'd heard a Weezer cover somewhere...
00001364IanYah, John's forum is working again. We should all post there.
00001365Zvaldos VauxhalEverything is a-ok, boss!
00001366Jessica (Ian's sister)I am Jamal, the great hacker!!!!!
00001367ZappNo, but sysops tend to be
00001368ZappRe: Everything is a-ok, boss!
00001369ZappRe: I am Jamal, the great hacker!!!!!
00001370ZappExcuses, excuses
00001371keenon "fear is your only god"autryRe: Everything is a-ok, boss!
00001372AnonymousRe: Excuses, excuses
00001373AnonymousRe: I am Jamal, the great hacker!!!!!
00001374SqueegeeBobOh... I just realized that I've been posting without a name... Sorry.
00001375SqueegeeBobRe: Dragon's Tear, eh? Heh heh heh
00001376Jessicazzz sleepy zzz
00001377blue starRe: Oh... I just realized that I've been posting without a name... Sorry.
00001378blue starhear that crashing sound??
00001379blue starRe: hear that crashing sound??
00001380Master of the Flying WombatRight on
00001381blue starRe: Right on
00001382SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Right on
00001383SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Oh... I just realized that I've been posting without a name... Sorry.
00001384keenon "fear is your only god"autryI am the fod of guck
00001385blue starRe: I am the fod of guck
00001386Spider MattusalemThe Return of the Spider Matt
00001387High King Fanboyfucking A, dude
00001388Spider MattusalemRe: fucking A, dude
00001389blackholemasterRe: Re: fucking A, dude
00001390ReboundWorking is the curse of the drinking class!
00001391blue starRe: Working is the curse of the drinking class!
00001392ZappUgh. I mean... yay!
00001393ZappWaking is the curse of the Thinking class
00001394SquareFoolWasn't it you...
00001395keenon "fear is your only god"autryRe: Wasn't it you...
00001396ZappYeah, it was me
00001397SquareFoolFor me, no
00001399SquareFoolWhat happened here?
00001400blue starnotta
00001401Spider MattusalemRe: notta
00001402keenon "fear is your only god"autrywholelottanottalotta
00001403SquareFoolhole loada nada
00001404SqueegeeBobRe: hole loada nada
00001405ZappRe: wholelottanottalotta
00001406ZappRe: Re: hole loada nada
00001408blue starRe: Re: hole loada nada
00001409blue starnervous from your service mart conversation
00001410Voodoo BenNeat stuff here
00001411SqueegeeBobRe: Neat stuff here
00001412Voodoo BenMore neat stuff
00001413ZappRe: More neat stuff
00001415Spider MattusalemRe: Egads!
00001416blue stardamn, i missed it!!!!
00001417blue starRe: Egads!
00001418SquareFoolArticles? Why YES!
00001419blackholemasterCareful There Matt...
00001420keenon "zip code assassin"autrykenny check your mail
00001421SquareFoolNo Subject
00001423SqueegeeBobthe day the inept conquered the earth!
00001424keenon "zip code assassin"autryoh my fucking god... you have to read this or you'll die or something...
00001425ZappNew thought about articles
00001426ZappRe: oh my fucking god... you have to read this or you'll die or something...
00001427blue starRe: New thought about articles
00001428Spider MattusalemThe way I heard of getting rid of that damn xoom banner
00001429Spider MattusalemRe: oh my fucking god... you have to read this or you'll die or something...
00001430ZappYou know what you need?
00001431ZappYeah, well calculus broke my legs!
00001432ZappRe: Calculus
00001434keenon "zip code assassin"autryRe: Re: oh my fucking god... you have to read this or you'll die or something...
00001435SqueegeeBoband on the eith day...
00001436blue starRe: Yeah, well calculus broke my legs!
00001437MackRe: The way I heard of getting rid of that damn xoom banner
00001438MackRe: Re: Calculus
00001439MackRe: The way I heard of getting rid of that damn xoom banner
00001440MackName The Mack!
00001441keenon "insert witticism here"autrybingo-bango, mutha blucka
00001442blue starRe: Name The Mack!
00001443Alphagold1Dr. Pepper
00001444Spider MattusalemRe: Dr. Pepper
00001445Spider MattusalemRe: Name The Mack!
00001446Spider MattusalemDFW is a fucking Moebius Strip
00001447SqueegeeBobRe: Name The Mack!
00001448ZappDr. Pepper cures genital warts
00001449ZappA BASIC suggestion
00001450Spider MattusalemLove is....
00001451SqueegeeBobNo, Love is....
00001452SqueegeeBobJoy to me!
00001453IanI will show you what love is. . .
00001454IanI am the winner! Give me a prize.
00001455SumFknGuyRe: Name The Mack!
00001456Captain LesbianWeekly World News Link
00001457blue starRe: Love is....
00001458blue starwoo hoo!
00001459Spider MattusalemRe: Re: Love is....
00001460blue stareep!
00001461AmaruGo to a happy place, Happy
00001462SqueegeeBobRe: Weekly World News Link
00001463Voodoo BenRe: New thought about articles
00001464Voodoo BenYou know what ELSE you need?
00001465bootninjaRe: No, Love is....
00001466Voodoo BenYou know something?
00001467bootninjaLucky bastard!
00001468Zapphappy IN MY PANTS
00001469ZappBack to the face, eh?...
00001470blue starRe: You know something?
00001471SquareFoolhappy happy raves and rants?
00001473blue starRe: You know what ELSE you need?
00001474SqueegeeBobRe: Lucky bastard!
00001475SqueegeeBobRe: Re: No, Love is....
00001477ZappRe: Apologies...
00001478ZappHappy, sad, song and dance
00001479Master of the Flying WombatI'm working...kinda
00001480bootninjaRe: Happy, sad, song and dance
00001481SquareFoolSounds good!
00001482SquareFoolNo talk for you!!!
00001483Saihttam (Read Backwards, Mr. Zapp)Re: Stuff!!
00001484Saihttam (Read Backwards, Mr. Zapp)Re: Stuff!!
00001485Spider MattusalemHappy Schmappy
00001486Spider MattusalemFor the musical maniacs in the audience
00001487Voodoo BenMonkeys. It's always about monkeys.
00001492SumFknGuyNT- So yes then, John?
00001494Ianwoo hoo, you da man
00001495blue starRe: hehe
00001498ZappMORE Stuff!!
00001499blue staryay for me?
00001500bootninjaRe: Happy Schmappy