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00002002BootNinjaGood For You
00002003ShellsA NOTE FOR DEREK:
00002004DerekTrying really hard to stay mad, failing miserably
00002006blue staris it just me?
00002007blue starlet's try this again.
00002008BootNinjaRe: is it just me?
00002009taliain ten years.... i hope not to be a bum
00002010keenon "= fatalist" autryA house and 2.5 kids
00002011Ian10 years, I don't know, 20 years. . .
00002012Amaruin the immortal words..
00002013blue starRe: in ten years.... i hope not to be a bum
00002014blue stara bright and sunny day
00002015TheAdversaryDestroyerofKings etc...Re: is it just me?
00002016TheAdversaryDestroyerofKings etc...Re: Good For You
00002017AmaruOOPS, messed up read this instead
00002019AmaruOne more time
00002020Amarudouble damnit
00002022BootNinjaOk, Peter...[nt[
00002023BootNinjaThis is the one that works..[nt]
00002025blue starI updated, go look!
00002028AmaruRe: Hrmmm
00002029Master of the Flying WombatDesperately Wanting
00002030Voodoo Ben, smiling cheerfullyFeeling oddly happy
00002031keenon "the paper whore" autryRe: Bah.
00002032ZappRe: Forum Pic Rotation
00002033ZappZapp in 10 years
00002034blue starRe: Zapp in 10 years
00002035AmaruI love work
00002036blue starcheer up, little wombat
00002037Shells*singing creepily* In the year 2010
00002038taliaum.... so this weekend was ok...
00002039ShellsRe: um.... so this weekend was ok...
00002040Dr. ShellsThe cure for a heartache
00002042Shellsmy vampire project
00002043blue starno, i'm right!!! ;)
00002044Shellsof course you are right, baby!
00002045SquareFoolWeb Stylist Extraordinaire
00002046BootNinjayes cheer up
00002047BootNinjanope, not sick to death at all
00002049BootNinjaRe: my vampire project
00002050ShellsRe: Web Stylist Extraordinaire
00002054TheAdversaryDestroyerofKings etc...AAWWW YEAH...
00002055BootNinjaGee, my Technical Writing class comes in handy after all
00002056blue starchickens
00002057blue starwho rocks the party that rocks the body?
00002059keenon "the paper whore" autryUse it wisely, son!
00002060ShellsI'm scared...
00002061ZappYes papa
00002062Zapp10 things you may not know about me lately
00002063GreyFoxWoo! ... er.... Wu...?
00002065Amaruhrmm, does it fit?
00002066Silent MattRe: Use it wisely, son!
00002067blue starhmm...
00002068blue stardon't touch my bikini
00002069Zvaldos VauxhalMine is soooo true it's eerie
00002070SumFknGuyRe: Use it wisely, son!
00002071BootNinjaWhat about righteously?
00002072TheAdversaryDestroyerofKings etc...Re: Use it wisely, son!
00002073TheAdversaryDestroyerofKings etc...Re: hmm...
00002074TheAdversaryDestroyerofKings etc...Re: I'm scared...
00002075AmaruThree more
00002076Captain LesbianRe: Use it wisely, son!
00002077IanExicitable Misunderstood Genius
00002078keenon "the paper whore" autryoh yeah baby...
00002079Master fo the Flying WombatSorry for the Dissapearance
00002080Master of the Flying WombatJive-Talkin' Choirboy? What?
00002081blue starsomething really gross/funny
00002082ZappMostly new from Chicago
00002084blue starliving space
00002085ShellsRe: Voting
00002086blue starRe: Voting
00002087AmaruRe: Re: Voting
00002088AmaruMy dungeon
00002089Zvaldos VauxhalCHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00002090Keenon "unattainable truth" AutryYou should vo.... wait. who the hell am I kidding?
00002091Keenon "unattainable truth" AutryMy 2 square feet
00002092blue starand there's that famous sound snow makes under your feet
00002093Keenon "The Human Torch" AutryMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOTHERFUCKER!
00002094ZappWell Goddamn
00002095ZappAll the Wesley Willis quotes in the world...
00002096ZappVote because it's good for you.
00002097Zvaldos VauxhalNo no no Ketner.
00002098Zvaldos VauxhalNo, no we are NOT.
00002099ZappWas a joke
00002101blue stari got it
00002102SqueegeeBobRe: Was a joke
00002103SqueegeeBobdo what I do
00002104SqueegeeBobRe: Mostly new from Chicago
00002105AmaruFun with snow and elections
00002106Keenon "AzzKikr" Autryyou're waiting for agreement you won't ever find
00002107Zvaldos VauxhalLook! I'm not getting into a circular argument!
00002108SumFknGuyRe: do what I do
00002109BootNinjaRe: i got it
00002110blue starRe: Look! I'm not getting into a circular argument!
00002111blue starRe: Re: i got it
00002112BootNinjaRe: Look! I'm not getting into a circular argument!
00002113IanThe Nation Collectively Shrugs. . .
00002114AmaruRe: The Nation Collectively Shrugs. . .
00002116ShellsRe: Look! I'm not getting into a circular argument!
00002117ShellsRe: Re: Re: i got it
00002118blue starquestions
00002119SqueegeeBobRe: Look! I'm not getting into a circular argument!
00002120SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Look! I'm not getting into a circular argument!
00002121SqueegeeBobRe: questions
00002122SqueegeeBobRe: Re: do what I do
00002123Master of the Flying WombatRe: questions
00002124Keenon "Fact Not Truth" AutryRe: questions
00002125ZappHumoring you
00002126Z "The Truth is out there" appRe: questions
00002128IanMel Carnahan (D) wins!
00002129BootNinjaHold it a moment.
00002130ZappToo bad...
00002134SquareFoolHeh heh heh...
00002135SquareFoolRe: questions
00002136blue stardammit!
00002137blue starew!!!!
00002138Voodoo BenStuff
00002139Voodoo BenAnswers
00002140IanJust call me Ianstrdomus
00002141SquareFoolRe: ew!!!!
00002142Ianfor 1 week only. . . Ianstradomus
00002143IanRe: Re: questions
00002144AmaruElection crap
00002145Keenon "gasoline dreams" AutryOutKast (see: "Shit, The")
00002146BootNinjaHey, It could happen....
00002147BootNinjaso what???
00002148Keenon "American Nightmare" AutryDoes that hurt?
00002149blue starRe: Hey, It could happen....
00002150blue starRe: Re: ew!!!!
00002151Keenon "American Nightmare" AutryRe: Election crap
00002152AmaruRe: Re: Election crap
00002153keenon "god's champ of doom" autryRe: Re: Re: Election crap
00002154IanstradomusRe: Re: Re: Re: Election crap
00002155ShellsRe: questions
00002156ShellsMy can of kick ass
00002157Voodoo BenYou go, girl!
00002158Voodoo BenI guess its up to me
00002159Zvaldos VauxhalNo Subject
00002160blue starRe: I guess its up to me
00002161AmaruRe: I guess its up to me
00002162AmaruOk, maybe this will help
00002163AmaruRe: You go, girl!
00002164IanstradomusRe: Re: You go, girl!
00002165Ianstradomusyes, these seniors were not very bright
00002167Voodoo BenAnd you fucking wondered...
00002168Zvaldos VauxhalStop being Kenny!
00002169ZappPing pong ball
00002170BootNinjaRe: Ping pong ball
00002171BootNinjaRe: I guess its up to me
00002172IanstradomusRe: Ping pong ball
00002174ZappWise words
00002175IanstradomusRe: close...
00002176IanstradomusThe Final Equations!!!
00002177Voodoo BenFuck you, Ketner, you ass-smelling cockmonkey!
00002179ZappA night on the town
00002180Zvaldos Vauxhal40.5 hours late
00002181SqueegeeBobRe: Fuck you, Ketner, you ass-smelling cockmonkey!
00002182ShellsQuestions of the Day
00002183AmaruFlip side
00002184blue starRe: Flip side
00002185blue starRe: Questions of the Day
00002186ZappSome questions to ponder
00002187BootNinjaRe: Questions of the Day
00002188BootNinjaRe: Re: Flip side
00002189BootNinjaRe: Some questions to ponder
00002190AmaruRe: Re: Re: Flip side
00002191Master of the Flying WombatRe: Some questions to ponder
00002192Master of the Flying WombatQuote Interpretations: Part One
00002193BootNinjaRe: Re: Re: Re: Flip side
00002194Zvaldos VauxhalSophisticated Man
00002195Voodoo Benanswers to ponder
00002197Zvaldos VauxhalGood links! No, really!
00002198Keenon "American Nightmare" AutryI bet this would be better if we could buy booze..
00002199blue starRe: Some questions to ponder
00002200SqueegeeBobRe: Some questions to ponder
00002201SqueegeeBobRe: answers to ponder
00002202Spider MattusalemRe: I bet this would be better if we could buy booze..
00002203Spider MattusalemRe: answers to ponder
00002204ShellsRe: Some questions to ponder
00002205ZappPondering my own questions
00002206blue starmore fun with questions
00002207Keenon "American Nightmare" AutryBad Link! I promise, JUST ONE!
00002209SquareFoolLooking forward to it
00002210blue starmy answers
00002211ShellsRe: more fun with questions
00002212BootNinjaRe: more fun with questions
00002213BootNinjaoops, I missed five
00002214IanRe: Some questions to ponder
00002215blue stardammit!
00002216BootNinjaRe: dammit!
00002217Master of the Flying WombatRe: more fun with questions
00002218Master of the Flying WombatIn the words of Ratbert
00002219blue starRe: Re: dammit!
00002220AmaruHere's one for you
00002222SqueegeeBobRe: more fun with questions
00002223Master of the Flying WombatBirthday Blues
00002224BootNinjaRe: Birthday Blues
00002225SqueegeeBobRe: Birthday Blues
00002226SqueegeeBobRe: Re: Birthday Blues
00002227SumFknGuyI EXIST!
00002228Keenon "American Nightmare" AutryBLAME CANADA!
00002229Silent MattNot religious, go to DeVry
00002230The Bladed ThoughtRebirth
00002231Keenon "American Nightmare" AutryRe: Rebirth
00002232Master of the Flying WombatNew names? Can you...handle...that?
00002233Iankick ass! Here are the rules. DO NOT RESPOND!
00002234Voodoo BenSome thoughts
00002236The Incredibly Boring DunderheadYou sound like Liz
00002238ANIMAL MOTHERRe: zag
00002239StrangerRe: You sound like Liz
00002240StrangerRe: Some thoughts
00002241blue staryou got me.
00002242blue staruvalde (mis)adventures
00002243The Bladed ThoughtRe: *chomp*
00002244johnny "human torch" stormname changes
00002245The Bladed ThoughtRe: Some thoughts
00002246Dagger.I wiil participate!
00002247Zvaldos VauxhalWhat?
00002248CricketRe: What?
000022497 inch blurrCount me in. I want to play.
00002250The Bladed ThoughtHm....
00002251The Incredible Boring DunderheadI got it first!
00002252The Incredible Boring DunderheadRe: name changes
00002253The Incredible Boring DunderheadRe: Count me in. I want to play.
00002254The Incredible Boring DunderheadRe: Hm....
00002255CricketRe: Count me in. I want to play.
00002256CricketI bet you are Mack!
00002257CricketOoh! Is this part of the guessing game?
00002259Keenon "who's hiding?" AutryWay to be Ian, Ian.
00002260Shadow KingWho is the Dunderhead?
00002261AnonymousRe: name changes
00002262chalupa = little boatRe: Who is the Dunderhead?
00002263chalupa = little boatRe: Re: Count me in. I want to play.
00002264chalupa = little boatRe: I wiil participate!
00002266Alphagold1dull blade
00002267The Incredible Boring DunderheadRe: Way to be Ian, Ian.
00002269Keenon "Didactic Reasoning" AutryRound 2....... FIGHT!
00002270Disciple of Fried Cheese & Box WineBEEOTCH-AH
00002271loofaname spellig change
00002272Spider MattusalemNot a winner among you
000022737 inch blurrRe: Re: Who is the Dunderhead?
00002274CricketRe: You guys won't BELIEVE this one..
00002275CricketRe: Damn
000022767 inch blurrRe: You guys won't BELIEVE this one..
00002278johnny "human torch" stormThe best of.,..
00002279ZappToday's guesses ala ME
00002280The Bladed ThoughtI remain unguessed
00002281Dagger saying more
000022827 inch blurrRe: Today's guesses ala ME
00002283Dagger Ian?
00002284Dagger Nuther guess.
00002285Cricketyou are joe (n/t)
00002286blue starRe: saying more
00002287The Incredibly Boring DunderheadThat's Cheating!!!!![nt]
00002288BootNinjaIt's called misdirection
00002289BootNinjaIt worked....
00002290BootNinjaRe: Re: Today's guesses ala ME
00002293LoophaRe: saying more
00002294Iron-tail FratleyAnother One Enters!!
00002295Disciple of Fried Cheese & Box WineRead this one, simpletons!
00002296Iron-tail FratleyGrr....
00002297BootNinjadum, da, da , dum, dum, dum duuuuuummmm
00002298Iron-tail FratleyUh....
00002299Johnny "human torch" Stormkeep guessing (n/t)
00002300Silent MattI fucking resent that joke at my expense (n/t)
00002301ANIMAL MOTHERRe: Another One Enters!!
00002302Iron-tail FratleyAgain...Wrong
00002303BootNinjaRe: Re: Another One Enters!!
00002304BootNinjadidn't figure as much[nt]
00002305Disciple of Fried Cheese & Box WineI'll break my foot off in your butt
00002306Shadow KingThe Iron-Tail is revealed
00002307Shadow KingThe Bladed Thought is Unsheathed
00002308chalupa = little boatqwerty
00002309Iron-tail FratleyRe: The Iron-Tail is revealed
00002310Silent MattMy guess is Derek on this one (n/t)
00002311Shadow KingI am not beaten yet!
00002312Shadow KingDrop the chalupa?
00002313Iron-tail Fratley^_^ Ok! I'm no good at this
00002314chalupa = little boatwait. . .
00002315Shadow KingRe: wait. . .
00002316Keenon "Didactic Reasoning" AutryI can safely say....
00002317chalupa = little boatcome forth wombat
00002318Disciple of Fried Cheese & Box WineMy fish wear concrete running shoes
00002319The Bladed ThoughtMethinks ketner
00002320The Bladed ThoughtJohn!!!
00002321DaggerStill free.
00002322CricketSo this means...
00002323blue stari'm outed, but still playing
00002324CricketHow is that cheating?
00002325LoofaMe too
00002326Iron-tail FratleyRe: John!!!
00002327ZappKenny's guesses du jour
00002329Iron-tail FratleySatellites and Credit Cards
00002330CricketRe: Kenny's guesses du jour
00002331CricketPoint and laugh
00002332Master of the Flying WombatDamn,defeated once more!
00002333Master of the Flying WombatRe: So this means...
00002334BootNinjanope, not me
00002335BootNinjaHe wouldn't be that stupid....
00002337BootNinjaBecause I didn't think of it.....
00002338BootNinjaWell Liz,
00002339Disciple of Fried Cheese & Box WineME TOO, YOU SILLY ASSES!
00002340chalupa = little boatsilent night
00002341Silent MattCredit Report
00002342Silent "Crickets are loud" MattRe: silent night
00002343ZappFurther credit analysis
00002344chalupa = little boathells bells i was wrong
00002345Iron-tail FratleyWhat about the Satellites?
00002346Johnny "human torch" StormNondiscovery oft leads to unenlightment
00002347Capt Carrot & his Amazing Zoo Crew Jesus God!
00002348CricketRe: silent night
00002349visual carlitya latecomer
00002350ANIMAL MOTHERRe: a latecomer
00002351Dagger A guess.
00002352Disciple of Fried Cheese & Box WineEn Espan~ol, sea donde disponible
00002353Johnny "human torch" Stormyou are Shelley
00002354Johnny "human torch" StormStep out of the shadows, king
00002355AnonymousRe: Jesus God!
00002356Johnny "human torch" StormRe: Jesus God!
00002358Dee and Silent MattOur Bad Asses are Badasses!
00002359ZappRe: Our Bad Asses are Badasses!
00002360ZappI remain undetected
00002361chalupa = little boatShadow King was Robin
00002362Keenon "Didactic Reasoning" AutryWell...
00002364Keenon "Didactic Reasoning" AutryMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMotherfucker
00002365Johnny "human torch" StormGuessing away
00002368Johnny "human torch" StormAll Animals need mothers
00002370ZappCurse your dumb luck
00002371Master of the Flying WombatHa! I am an "X-Men" expert/lover too!
00002372blue starRe: Hey....
00002373blue starwhose ass?
00002374visual carlityUmm...
00002375visual carlityHm...
00002376visual carlity...
00002377visual carlityassy ass ass ass!
00002378StrangerDo not respond.
00002379StrangerRe: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMotherfucker
00002380visual carlityRe: Umm...
00002381visual carlityRe: Re: silent night
00002382visual carlityRe: Re: Kenny's guesses du jour
00002383StrangerRe: Satellites and Credit Cards
00002384StrangerRe: Further credit analysis
00002385StrangerRe: John!!!
00002386SquareFoolI'm honored
00002388visual carlityYes... um... no? ... wroo-iiight!
00002389Dagger That's MY Chalupa
00002390The Bladed ThoughtKenny you Fool!!!!!!
00002391ZappRe: Kenny you Fool!!!!!!
00002392ZappThe collective ass
00002393BootNinjaDoes this mean that Chalupa is Ian?[nt]
00002394BootNinjabecause I guessed you twice, while I only had one name for you to guess
00002395BootNinjaRe: The collective ass
00002396BootNinjaCall me an ass if you like......
00002397Johnny "human torch" StormNo correct guesses on me
00002398ZappA guess!
00002399Keenon "Arthur Miller Ghost" Autry...
00002400blue starRe: No correct guesses on me
00002401Iron-tail FratleyRe: Re: Satellites and Credit Cards
00002402blue starno!!!
00002403Capt Carrot & his Amazing Zoo CrewMe, Actually
00002404Voodoo BenOf course you can!!!!!!!!
00002405visual carlitystill incognito
00002406IanRe: That's MY Chalupa
00002407IanJohn, you turd
00002408IanRe: nope
00002409blue starRe: still incognito
00002410ShellsButton, Button, whose got the button?
00002411blue starif i said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?
000024127 inch blurrRe: That's MY Chalupa
00002413Voodoo BenLook at it this way.
00002414Dr. ZauisLights out! GORRILA RADIO!!!
00002415visual carlityWRONG!
00002416Dagger I make a MOVEMENT...
00002417BootNinjaRe: Button, Button, whose got the button?
00002418BootNinjaSay hello to the nice Secret service agents on your phone line....
00002419BootNinjaSpank that monkey
00002420Keenon "Above the Law" AutryNOT ME....
00002421Silent MattRe: Lights out! GORRILA RADIO!!!
00002422blue starsarcasm doesn't carry well over the web
00002423read the post to find outhuh?
00002424Voodoo BenIT WAS A JOKE
00002425Voodoo BenSorry. 10 AM to 1 PM. (n/t)
00002426blue stari second that
00002427BootNinjaRe: sarcasm doesn't carry well over the web
00002428Silent MattMy Final Guess
00002429Johnny "human torch" StormRe: My Final Guess
00002430Voodoo BenDipshit.
00002431Voodoo BenIf I post a story, will you get pissed off?
00002432Voodoo BenYeah, no shit.
00002433ZappOh, oh yes.
00002434King Mob, of the midget illuminatiHE NOT A DIPSHIT! HE A BIG DUMB STUPIDHEAD
00002435blue starhere's an idea
00002436BootNinjaan alternative
00002437BootNinjawould have to be on John's board....
00002438BootNinjathat would work too[nt]
00002440ShellsA site for you men... (cause Liz can please me any time...)
00002441Voodoo BenWell...
00002442blue starRe: Well...
00002443blue starthat link kicks ass!
00002444ShellsRe: that link kicks ass!
00002445DaggerA little late
00002446blue starRe: Re: that link kicks ass!
00002447blue starkenny, when do you return to buddy holly land? (n/t)
00002448AmaruI'm no expert
00002449ZappThe inevitable return of...
00002450blue staryou sound enthused
00002451ShellsShells At The Movies
00002452SumFknGuyRe: Shells At The Movies
00002454IanRe: Shells At The Movies
00002455blue starfunny link
00002457Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiHoly Crap Cesspool, Batman!
00002459blue stargrand prize set cancelled
00002460patrick likes things...Quote
00002461Ianrant, um, yeah, please read
00002462Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiA "bad" joke
00002463Silent MattRe: rant, um, yeah, please read
00002464katand this is what i have to say.
00002465IanRe: and this is what i have to say.
00002466ShellsRe: and this is what i have to say.
00002467Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiRe: rant, um, yeah, please read
00002468SquareFoolRe: Re: and this is what i have to say.
00002469SquareFoolThat's not what Ender taught us...
00002470blue starhumanity and saving it
00002471Zvaldos VauxhalNo yelling. Honest.
00002472blue starqueen of bad luck
00002473Master of the Flying WombatThat damn Queen of Bad Luck WHORE!
00002474Voodoo BenWhoot!
00002475Kingmob, of the midget illuminatiRe: Whoot!
00002476Voodoo BenI'm impressed.
00002477Kingmob, of the midget illuminatiGo here to laugh. Go now. Dammit.
00002478Voodoo BenjaminActually...
00002479BootNinjaDamn that sucks
00002481Alphagold1Re: I'm impressed.
00002482Master of the Flying WombatTo Be Young
00002483Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiHere we go
00002484Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiRe: humanity and saving it
00002485kati think we have a comunication problem
00002486blue starRe: Damn that sucks
00002487BootNinjaRe: To Be Young
00002488M.o.F.W.Hey, thanks!
00002489Voodoo BenjaminCheck your e-mail. (n/t)
00002491Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiStrategy for a Flailing Man
00002492Iron-tail FratleyThe Poet and the Artist
00002493M.o.F.W.The Dreamer and the Illussionist
00002494Master of the Flying WombatMerry Fucking Christmas
00002495blue staradvice from the resident art major
00002496ShellsHey there Mr. Buddist-- Merry Fucking Christmas!
00002497AmaruI laughed, I cried
00002498Silent MattA shout without a voice
00002499SqueegeeBobRe: A shout without a voice
00002500SqueegeeBobRe: Merry Fucking Christmas