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00002502BootNinjasorry to hear it, man
00002503BootNinjaRe: I laughed, I cried
00002505BootNinjaSorry, that wasn't supposed to be anonymous[nt]
00002506Iron-tail FratleyGood Luck on the Critique and Final (n/t)
00002507SquareFoolHaving a hard time explaining to Carlos
00002508Voodoo BenjaminDefine "kick start."
00002509DerekMy Weird-Ass Dream...Everyone should read this.
00002510SquareFoolStrange how many answer a voiceless cry...
00002511Master of the Flying WombatNevermind my last post.
00002512blue starhippie needs a haircut!
00002513ZappI'm here.
00002514BootNinjaHere goes....
00002515BootNinjaSounds like something I would dream.
00002516BootNinjaRe: Nevermind my last post.
00002517ShellsMack, get back on the horse and ride away...
00002518Master of the Flying WombatRe: Re: Nevermind my last post.
00002519Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiI'm gonna chase you down with a sock full of nickels. Really.
00002520Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiI said I'd put this up anyway.. "My thoughts on Martyrdom"
00002521blue starRe: Re: Re: Nevermind my last post.
00002523Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiOne HARDCORE mother(Censored by Friends of GW Bush)er!
00002524Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatibad advice from a dirty, mangy crackhead
00002525Voodoo BenjaminWe play that on 88.1 a lot.
00002526Voodoo BenjaminYes. Yes those are weird.
00002527BootNinjaI read it.
00002528blue starRe: I read it.
00002529ZappHoly Flecking Schnit!
00002530BootNinjaKenny Check your hotmail[nt]
00002531Kingm0b, of the midget illuminati(BLEEP)
00002532blue starmy grandmothers computer sucks
00002533Braina St. Louis Christmas
00002535blue staroh, i forgot
00002536Voodoo BenjaminOh, MAN.
00002537Voodoo BenjaminChristmas came early...
00002538ShellsDown Odessa Way...
00002539ShellsWell, duh
00002540blue starRe: Down Odessa Way...
00002541AmaruFun on Christmas
00002542ShellsMy love, if only by my wish you could be here with me now in my
00002543AmaruRe: My love, if only by my wish you could be here with me now in my
00002544Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiRe: Re: Down Odessa Way...
00002545Ianmerry christmas to all, happy chanuka, kookie kwanza. . .
00002546Iron-tail FratleyRe: Fun on Christmas
00002547ZappRPGs save X-mas!
00002548AnonymousRe: RPGs save X-mas!
00002549AmaruSnowed in
00002550Kingmob, of the AZZKIKRsI'll break my foot off in yo' ass!
00002551Master of the Flying WombatIT CAN BE DONE!
00002552blue starRe: Re: Re: Down Odessa Way...
00002553Kingm0b, of the midget illuminati...
00002554blue starRe: ...
00002555BootNinjaRe: Snowed in
00002556Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiRe: Re: ...
00002557Zvaldos VauxhalGedanken zum Denken auf einer kalten Winternacht
00002558blue starhappy new years!
00002559Iannot such a new topic
00002560ShellsShould old aquantiences be forgotten????
00002561katyeah for dido and other things...
00002562blue starapplying for jobs isn't always bad
00002563Master of the Flying WombatMight as well comment...
00002564Master of the Flying WombatMelancholy and the Madness Thereafter
00002565Kingmob, aka Justin TolerableRe: applying for jobs isn't always bad
00002566blue starRe: Melancholy and the Madness Thereafter
00002568ZappNew year, more
00002569BootNinjaRe: New year, more
00002570blue starRe: ME
00002571AmaruHello from Utah
00002572Ianoh brother, here he goes again. . .(please read and respond, or not)
00002573Zvaldos Vauxhal, laying down wisdomYou answered your own questions
00002574IanI thought I made that point clear. . .
00002575Zapp1/3 of what I'm up to!
00002576ShellsRe: oh brother, here he goes again. . .(please read and respond, or
00002577ShellsAuf Wiedersehn Mein Herr...
00002579Voodoo BenjaminA is for "adult," which is what I'll never be...
00002580blue starvirginia reel around the fountain
00002581Ianthere's something in the air
00002582Blind Squirrel (with a gun)i live, i changed names, and i am movin out
00002583BootNinjaRe: i live, i changed names, and i am movin out
00002584Voodoo BenjaminNo malice, only desire
00002585ZappShitty movie, good banjo
00002586Blind Squirrel (with a gun)Re: No malice, only desire
00002587Voodoo BenjaminIt's like reading Jhonen Vasquez, only not as funny and there's no
00002588SqueegeeBobRe: A is for "adult," which is what I'll never be...
00002589blue starRe: Shitty movie, good banjo
00002590blue starspooky, ain't it?
00002591Movie BunnyWarning:
00002592SIlent MattTo all my peeps
00002593blue stari'm so excited, and i just can't hide it!
00002594SIlent MattClubbed to Death
00002595Voodoo BenWhoot
00002596Master of the Flying WombatIf It's All Been A Dream, Don't Wake Me
00002597IanRe: If It's All Been A Dream, Don't Wake Me
00002598SqueegeeBobRe: Good News, Bad News
00002599Silent MattRe: Good News, Bad News
00002600Movie BunnyRe: If It's All Been A Dream, Don't Wake Me
00002601Voodoo BenYou stole my woot!
00002602Master of the Flying WombatLiving in the madness of Love
00002603IanKiki Shrugged, the constipated soul of Ayn Rand
00002605BootNinjaI'm Back
00002606ZappDon't tell derek...
00002607Amaru2nd worst fucking day of my life
00002608BootNinjasorry to hear it man
00002609blue starRe: 2nd worst fucking day of my life
00002610Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiTALK ABOUT YOUR FREAKING LUCK!
00002611Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiAddendum
00002613Voodoo BenThe Sap (ie, me)
00002614Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiHomey don't play dat
00002615Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiShort dead guy in a trench coat
00002616blue starmy thoughts
00002617BootNinjaRe: The Sap (ie, me)
00002618IanRe: The Sap (ie, me)
00002619blue starooh! ooh! ooh! i got something!
00002620Kingmob, aka Justin Tolerable...
00002621Voodoo BenUpdate
00002622Silent MattThoughts, nothing more, perhaps Civility
00002623BootNinjaSettlers of Catan
00002624blue starRe: ...
00002625Blind Squirrel (with a gun)Re: Update
00002626BootNinjapossible visit
00002627ZappHelpful me!
00002628Voodoo BenNot a problem.
00002630SIlent MattRe: possible visit
00002631Kingm0b, aka UNABOMBAH!Derek & Joe will click anyway
00002632blue stargot me a movie, i want you to know....
00002633Zvaldos Vauxhal, Purveyor of AssNo Subject
00002634Zvaldos Vauxhal, Purveyor of DorkThis is a reply to kenny's post about Snatch. n/t
00002635Zappmoo-vee tawlk, moustache sweat
00002636Zvaldos Vauxhal, Purveyor of DorkRe: moo-vee tawlk, moustache sweat
00002637Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiAsk ME about the concept of bigger.
00002638Zvaldos VauxhalA question for you all.
00002639Zvaldos VauxhalI am a posting MANIAC tonight
00002642ZappRe: Actually
00002643blue staryou've been spotted...
00002644SIlent MattNews from the corporate underplanes
00002645Voodoo Benjaminapologies, call to action, toys!
00002646BootNinjaRe: Re: possible visit
00002647blue starRe: A question for you all.
00002648IanKeenon. . .just bring it
00002649ZappTaking the side of form... whatever that means.
00002651AnonymousRe: Keenon. . .just bring it
00002652IanRe: Re: Keenon. . .just bring it
00002653Silent MattThe sickness I bring
00002655IanRe: The sickness I bring
00002656IanThis is a horrible example but. . .
00002657IanThis is a horrible example but. . .
00002658SumFknGuyRe: ugh
00002659SumFknGuyRe: Re: Keenon. . .just bring it
00002660Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiRe: Keenon. . .just bring it
00002661Iana dialectic. . .FOR SMASHING!
00002662BootNinjaRe: Re: ugh
00002663BootNinjaRe: a dialectic. . .FOR SMASHING!
00002664Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiWell gawd demmit, ya drew quicker'n I could.
00002665Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiMe am amnesiac. Me am forgot something
00002666Zvaldos VauxhalYou're gonna make it after all
00002667Zvaldos VauxhalZvaldos, the hands of fate
00002668Movie BunnyRe: You're gonna make it after all
00002669Bible BunnyI hear His name, and I feel joy.
00002670Bible BunnyAtheism, Faith, Hope, and a shot of vodka
00002671BootNinjawhat a crock of shit
00002672BootNinjaMy Web Page
00002673Zvaldos VauxhalWhat a crock of FUN!
00002674SumFknGuyRe: Re: ...
00002675SumFknGuymmm, games
00002676SIlent MattApartment Life
00002677SqueegeeBobRe: Re: You're gonna make it after all
00002678AnonymousThe love you take is equal to the love you make
00002679blue starstupid question...
00002680Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiZOOMTARD IS FASTER THAN YOU!
00002681ZappThis applies to me too.
00002682SquareFoolSpiritual Hope
00002683SquareFoolform 'n function
00002684SumFknGuyRe: This applies to me too.
00002685SquareFoolI am the lack, the other, the antithesis
00002686BootNinjaRe: The love you take is equal to the love you make
00002687BootNinjanot so stupid....
00002688BootNinjaRe: mmm, games
00002690SquareFoolApartment/Dorm living...
00002691Kingm0b, of the midget illuminatiKeenon knows because Keenon=ZOOMTARD
00002692Zvaldos VauxhalIn reply to Ian saying Keenon hates the Church
00002696redkatsi found stinkor too
00002697Silent MattRe: i found stinkor too
00002698Silent MattFast becoming a regular
00002699Voodoo BenI WANT!
00002700AnonymousIn case Keenon was unclear....
00002701The DJ GuyVoodoo Ben, Wall-Eyed Mike, DJ-PJ...where does it end?!?
00002702Kingm0b, the Piltdown ManActually...
00002703BootNinjaRe: Apartment/Dorm living...
00002704BootNinjaRe: Actually...
00002705BootNinjaRe: In case Keenon was unclear....
00002706BootNinjajust thought I'd tell ya,
00002707SquareFoolIf so...
00002708Shark NinjaWhy FF4 is gay
00002709Kingm0b, the Piltdown ManSuckas gots ta know
00002710Shark NinjaRe: No Subject
00002711Shark NinjaBoot Ninja -- prepare for Otaku Vengeance!!!
00002712Silent MattRe: Boot Ninja -- prepare for Otaku Vengeance!!!
00002713SquareFoolSaving You the Effort
00002714Thursday BunnyRe: Re: The love you take is equal to the love you make
00002715Cooking BunnyAll Hail KingMOb....
00002716Shark NinjaRe: Saving You the Effort
00002717Kingmob, the Didactic ReasonerHoly shit!
00002718SumFknGuyRe: Saving You the Effort
00002719SumFknGuyRe: Re: Saving You the Effort
00002720Kingmob, the Didactic ReasonerAnd now for something completely wrong.
00002723blue starRe: Re: Re: The love you take is equal to the love you make
00002724Shark NinjaRe: Unacceptable!
00002725Kingm0b, the Piltdown ManRe: Re: Unacceptable!
00002726Zappsome dreams, thoughts
00002727Kingm0b, the Piltdown ManNot as deep at all. Not even close
00002728Kingm0b, aka UNABOMBAH!Because I know funny when I see it
00002729Voodoo BenYou just put a smile on my face.
00002730Zappdaily rousseau
00002731SumFknGuyRe: Nope
00002732Shark NinjaRe: daily rousseau
00002733Shark NinjaRe: Re: Re: Unacceptable!
00002734blue starjust for derek
00002735Silent MattNinja Death
00002736blue stara rant on not feeling creative
00002737SquareFoolDamn, I swallowed an eyebrow hair!
00002738AmaruGood/Bad News
00002739Kingm0b, the Dead KennedyYou know what?
00002741ZappEyebrow hair is high in fiber!
00002742Kingmob, the Didactic ReasonerRe: Good/Bad News
00002743BootNinjaDamn. This pisses me off!
00002744Kingmob, the Didactic ReasonerNO WORRIES, CHARLIE!
00002745Kingmob, Wannabe Dr. LobsterI'm gonna stab Derek in the face with a spork
00002746ZappOh bitch...
00002747Kingmob, Wannabe Dr. LobsterIT IS ON LIKE BONES FROM A NECK!
00002748blue starRe: Damn. This pisses me off!
00002749Zvaldos Vauxhal, a sack of crapA command for Kenny and John
00002750News BunnyRe: A command for Kenny and John
00002751Zvaldos Vauxhal, Blue AndroidRangerActually, they already have
00002752AmaruOnce again
00002753AmaruBetter link
00002754Zappread it
00002755Zappa couple caffeinated late-night thoughts
00002757Silent MattBitterness, emptiness, and did I mention bitterness
00002758AmaruRe: read it
00002759Silent "God of Pain" MattThoughts on suffering
00002760Silent "Bear Hug" MattHugs
00002761BootNinjapatterns how lovely
00002762I'm Zvaldos Vauxhal, listen to meI am the worst person in this room.
00002763Voodoo BenRe: MOTU
00002764Voodoo BenStrike that. I just e-mailed it to you. (n/t)
00002765Zapppaint by numbers
00002766redkatyes you are
00002767AmaruBYU Makes a Funny
00002768AmaruOnce again I am a moron
00002769blue starmy thoughts
00002770I'm Zvaldos Vauxhal, listen to meI didn't realize it was an Aerosmith lyirc.
00002771Keeng MawbActually, Joe's right - it's not a lyric....
00002772AnonymousWhy women are better than men
00002773Keenon "Dr. Octagon" AutryStop.
00002774blue staryou are my hero
00002775SumFknGuyRe: Why women are better than men
00002778Master of the Flying WombatRe: funfunfun
00002779Shark NinjaRe: Re: funfunfun
00002780Zvaldos VauxhalHappy Hiku brother trucker!
00002781SquareFoolMuch better
00002782SquareFoolHey, not bad!
00002785Kingmob - Baby I got yo moneySUCKA PLEEZE
00002786Silent "Inquisitor" MattIn it to win it like Eiserman
00002787Kingmob - Baby I got yo moneyOOPS I'M A DIPSHIT (don't read 'cause there's no text)
00002788Voodoo BenI know you're doing this to taunt me.
00002790blue starfuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he?
00002791Silent "Crash" MattShoulda just stayed in Bed
00002792blue starRe: Shoulda just stayed in Bed
00002793Voodoo BenjaminLoving every moment with myself
00002794KingmobI am the Ambassador of Planet Kickyourass-iter
00002795redkatsthere, but for the grace of god, i go.
00002796Silent MattRe: there, but for the grace of god, i go.
00002797SquareFoolI guess we can do this twice...
00002798Silent MattSelf Implication, Replication, & Dissociation
00002799Jesus VauxhalFree will? Pish tosh!
00002800blue starkings of yeah!
00002801blue starget your paws off me you damn dirty ape!
00002802Voodoo BenGuess.
00002803IanNot long enough!
00002804Silent MattVeg Zombies
00002805Silent MattFor the narcissistic asshole in me
00002806blue starattack of the commercial art major!!
00002807Silent MattFinally honest unbiased criticism
00002808Zappstaring at the sun
00002809Silent MattThe Silent One Rageth
00002810Master of the Flying Wombat...
00002811Iana fellow outsider
00002812Ianmoving this up a notch. . . .done!
00002813voodoo bensaracasm...the last refuge of sons of bitches.
00002814voodoo bendude...
00002815blue starlook what i did!
00002816blue starwow...
00002817blue star?!?
00002818blue starfor smatt
00002819Pink BunnyRe: moving this up a notch. . . .done!
00002821Snake Eyes... .. .. ..... ... . .. .. ..... ... .. . !
00002822IanRe: Re: moving this up a notch. . . .done!
00002823Iansweet merciful crap
00002824BootNinjaI got a new job
00002825BootNinjaoops.... here's the text
00002826NihilistMobStab the monkey in the face and win 20 rupees.
00002827blue starRe: Re: moving this up a notch. . . .done!
00002828Silent MattOn Acceptance
00002829Jesus VauxhalAll Your Base Are Belong To Us
00002830Voodoo BenUmm...dude?
00002831Voodoo BenUltimate Voodoo!
00002833IanRe: Ultimate Voodoo!
00002834BootNinjaRe: Ultimate Voodoo!
00002835Kingm0b, Disciple of DumbassGo play in traffic, kidd-os.
00002836RastusHahlNew Pic!
00002837Voodoo BenjaminMonkeybone
00002838Ianmonkeybone is evil!
00002839ZappCampbell, heroes, etc.
00002840M.o.F.W.Even the Devil Cries
00002841Keenon "Mister Banister" AutryRe: New Pic!
00002842IanBaron the Spiffy has landed!
00002843ZappShannonized CP...
00002844Keenon "Mister Banister" AutryRe: Baron the Spiffy has landed!
00002845Iantry again, I think geocities was having problems for like 30 mins
00002846blue starRe: monkeybone is evil!
00002847Jesus VauxhalLet's give 'em something to talk about
00002848M.o.F.W.How about love?
00002849M.o.F.W.Fine then! I'll respond to my OWN poem!
00002850ZappI swear I was gonna reply anyway...
00002851Keenon "Captain Badass" AutryHere's another useless fact from the bank o useless facts I keep in
00002852European BunnyIt is soooo true!!
00002854AmaruDilemna Solved
00002855Used Car CiphermanSUCKAS GOTS TA KNOW
00002856Used Car CiphermanLAZY SUCKAS ALSO GOTS TA KNOW.