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Since I realized that Bravenet message boards have a limited capacity (and our posting community was rapidly exceeding that capacity!), I decided to create this archive of messages, or "Message Archive" for short. Bravenet is kind enough to email me the text of each message (html tags are stripped and blank lines/carriage returns are removed - sorry) which I faithfully reproduce here in chronological order (beginning early March 2000). Simply click on the title of the message to read it. Currently I have to export the messages from my email by hand, but I am trying to further automate this process (me = lazy) so that I don't have to do anything but decide to update. At any rate, please enjoy these civilized messages!

"Oh look!" Uncle Jingle did a little dance of pleasure,
his long tuxedo coat flapping. "Look who's been waiting for us
at the Bridge of Size! It's the Minglepig! But, oh, look!
The Minglepig is big, big, big!"

--Tad Williams, OTHERLAND: City of Golden Shadow