Kingm0b: He-Man celebrates his first successful breast-augmentation surgery by inviting the stars from Porky’s and Revenge of the Nerds over to molest him, but Orko forgot to buy the K-Y Jelly. Ok, I lied. There were no stars in any of those movies. Skeletor’s already shooting his load before the issue even begins! What a selfish asshole! I just hope that spiky guy behind him is wearing a clean pair of his lil’ blue underpants, because he’s about to get some Skull Mountain Lovin’ in the worst way.

Shouldn’t He-Man be on the other side of the shot if he’s DEFENDING Castle Greyskull? Just a thought.
Voodoo Ben: ANY cover with Orko, Grizzlor, and Spikor on it proves the story will kick a...will be pretty go...will include Orko, Grizzlor, and Spikor!
Zapp: You know it's a good issue if it's got Orko on the cover and the title printed on the shadows of the (gay) villains. Understand that normally I wouldn't question Skeletor's sexuality to his face (er, skull), but Hordak looks like he's about to ram that snake-rod someplace that will cause his former apprentice great joy. And when more Etherian villains than Eternian villains appear in any panel, the homosexual quotient rises astronomically.

By the way, is He-Man pregnant, or does he have a bowling ball stuck in his lungs?

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