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Having a stash of old Masters of the Universe comics is like saving expired coupons for your favorite foods. They are advertisements -- worse, advertisements for products which you already own and plan to buy more of. Any sensible person would immediately throw these out, but the children of 1980s America (myself included) were too stupid. I can hear people screaming now, "But Zapp! These are valuable collector's items! You should love and appreciate them!" Bullshit. These are crap comics, stuffed down already willing throats of kids just to make sure that we'd keep on buying more cheap plastic. The plots are from the minds of sweetly retarded corporate hacks, the art is inconsistent and low-quality, and the concept of product placement accompanying the product is ridiculous to begin with. Worse, they occasionally slip in a bit of the ol' cultural tainting that made its way into most 80s cartoon empires.

That being said, I hope you enjoy these comics! They were fun for myself and others to comment, and they really take my mind off of my work (and waste the time of many a CP reader!). Boy, I sure do love He-Man and all his wacky friends!

Be sure to read some of the excellent fan fiction too! Eternia is alive and well in the minds of many a twentysomething (and others). Enjoy the reading, but please respect each author's copyright: don't steal their stuff!

Comics Fan Fiction
He-Man and the Insect People
He-Man Meets Ram-Man
Kingm0b, Voodoo Ben, Zapp
Hordak - The Ruthless Leader's Revenge!
Kingm0b, Voodoo Ben, Zapp
The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces
Vauxhal, Zapp
Spikor Strikes
Shark Ninja, Zapp
Temple of Darkness!
M.o.F.W., Zapp
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By Voodoo Ben:   MOTU: Legends Never Die, Chapter 1

Chapter 2
By V. V. Reinhart:   MOFW meets MOTU

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If you know where I can get my hands on more He-Man titles than these, please let me know.

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