Shark Ninja: I actually think this is an excellent cover. The alliterative title is nicely emphasized with the scroll background (the scroll nicely emphasizes the fantasy aspect of the series), while the letters take on a more modern, Star Wars-like appearance. This is really a nice touch, because He-man is really nothing more than a combination of archaic and modern fantasies, much like the Final Fantasy series. Spikor is nicely drawn with a strange, foreboding looking weapon, and He-man has his back turned -- could this be foreshadowing? After all, a regular henchman like Spikor normally wouldn't be a match for the likes of He-man; however, He-man has his back turned -- something is going to happen and he won't see it coming. I also like the metallic textures.
Zapp: Just by looking at the cover, do you suppose Spikor has even the remotest chance of succeess? Well, the contents of this issue may SHOCK and SURPRISE you. Or not. He-Man does look pretty bored there... and, of course, poorly drawn.

Oh, and just a word of warning - there's no Sorceress in this episode. I really should stop reading He-Man comics that don't have Sorceress in them. It's just not worth it.

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