M.o.F.W.: No kidding about that Temple of Darkness, that place is pretty stinkin' dark. The temple even seems to have Grayskull Castle inside it. How thoughtful of it! Hey, I wonder, does this mean they have a Temple of Really Really Bright Light? Maybe they should, if they don't. It'd be He-Man's undoing...

He-Man: AAAAAAAAHHH!!! My retinas! NOOOOO!!!!

Skeletor: Haha! I have no retinas, and I CAN SEE!!!

Right...Well, He-Man's an ass, anyway, trying to stop Skeletor from gettin' some Sorceress nookie. He must be on your side, Zapp.
Zapp: I... I don't understand! Skeletor's shooting green while He-Man's sword is glowing purple? Has the world gone wacky? What happened to the nice color-coordination of good and evil?

Well, at least Sorceress is featured prominently in this issue. Something to look forward to.

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